The place between dreams and reality- Sairat

There is a memorable dialogue in Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs of Wasseypur, sabke dimaag mein picture chal rahi hain , on how everyone is  busy daydreaming, playing out their own films in their head. However, dreams in India come with a label and a price.

If you would have seen Nagraj Popatrao Manjule’s Fandry, you would expect another restrained, real film with non-actors from him. But, with Sairat he turns it around the head and does it so with such command that it will make major commercial filmmakers envious. Quite early on in Sairat, there’s a funny dream sequence which I guess is Nagraj’s way of telling us that what may follow is nothing but a dream, a dream that two individuals see, a dream that they had the courage to turn into reality, an upper caste girl and a lower caste boy. A dream which has songs, slow-motion sequences, crane shots, background music (an amazing score by Ajay-Atul). Reality on the other hand doesn’t have all these, so does the film’s second half which has a tone similar to Manjule’s first film. The dream doesn’t come without its fair share of realities and we see how Manjule is constantly trying to build a case for parity. Similarly, reality has its own share of dreams and we see the naivety of love come to the fore. Manjule subverts popular love story norms and makes bold statements about how being in love in this country is tough. We don’t just see the lovers’ side but we also see how this wretched system effects everyone and how it is almost impossible to escape it.


Ever woken up in between seeing a nice dream and wanting to go back to sleep to finish it, Sairat, its characters, the story seems to be stuck in that bittersweet zone. Not just them, the entire collective conscience of this nation seems to be stuck, in denial. This is Manjule’s effort to wake them up. Manjule in an interview recently very humbly said “..what Gandhi and Ambedkar couldn’t do, how can a film achieve that”. Very true, it can’t but it can surely start a debate, after all wildfires too need a spark.


If I would have been the academy.

A nod from the academy doesn’t mean you are the best, it just means that now, your life has changed! That’s the only difference between the Oscars and any other award. You get recognized, and if you are extremely lucky, you get to make brave, gutsy films, which you could have never made otherwise. America means money. Look at Iñárritu, Farhadi and Cuarón. Also, it is always a well produced and an absolutely engaging show, except for the one time when James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosted, they themselves couldn’t have watched it. I will also be watching it this Monday.

In this post, I try to pick out my favorites from the nominations. So, here it is, if I would have been the academy.

My favorites are marked in bold.

Best animated feature

Let us start with the biggest disappointment of the year. The Lego movie being left out of the nominations. A film which deserved a best picture nomination wasn’t even considered for a best animated film nomination, how sad is that! From the other nominees I haven’t watched any other film, but my friend Shubhadeep told me that The Tale of Princess Kaguya was very good. I just hope How to Train your dragon 2 doesn’t win. I have nothing against the film honestly, I am sure it is a very well made film but when you promote establishments by disregarding genuine novel ideas, you are unintentionally wishing for a future where no one is taking risks and pushing creative envelopes.

Big Hero 6

The Boxtrolls

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Song of the Sea

The Tale of Princess Kaguya

Best sound editing/Best sound mixing/Best visual effects


I don’t have much understanding of the technical categories but these are only categories where we can expect Interstellar to win.

Best cinematography

The Grand Budapest Hotel


Mr Turner



It was a tough choice between Robert Yeoman of The Grand Budapest Hotel and Emmanuel Lubezki of the Birdman. But, what Lubezki and Iñárritu has achieved through Birdman is exemplary.

Best documentary feature


Last Days in Vietnam

The Salt of the Earth


Finding Vivian Maier

I have only watched CitizenFour and Finding Vivian Maier from the list, and both are very good films but I have watched better documentaries which released last year. Jodorowsky’s Dune and Life Itself were snubbed. From the two I have watched, finding vivian maier is a better film and might also win. It tells a fascinating story through the works of a mysterious artist. In times when photography stands abused, we get to see and understand what it really means to capture moments.

Best film editing

American Sniper


The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Imitation Game


Reminded me of the social network. Pure joy this film was.

Best music

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Imitation Game

Mr Turner

The Theory of Everything


Like always, Nolan has been neglected by the academy. But, he doesn’t need them. He is already making brave, visionary films which make money. Hans Zimmer should win this one.

Best production design

The Imitation Game


Into the Woods

Mr Turner

The Grand Budapest Hotel

There were so many good films this year and Wes Anderson is one of my favorite directors. What I fear is that the grand Budapest hotel will never get it’s due. Only competition in this category is Interstellar.

Best supporting actor

Robert Duvall, The Judge

Ethan Hawke, Boyhood

Mark Ruffalo, Foxcatcher

JK Simmons, Whiplash

Edward Norton, Birdman

I sincerely want JK Simmons to win, and he will I think. But, for me Edward Norton’s Mike Shiner is the best performance of the year. Norton emphatic portrayal of Shiner makes us understand and feel for one of the most complex characters of recent times.

Best supporting actress

Laura Dern, Wild

Keira Knightley, The Imitation Game

Emma Stone, Birdman

Meryl Streep, Into the Woods

Patricia Arquette, Boyhood

Only competition is Emma Stone. She should just win for giving us the most poignant cinematic moment of the year, “I thought there would be more.” This film made me realized that there is poetry in just living a normal life.

Best actress

Marion Cotillard, Two Days, One Night

Felicity Jones, The Theory of Everything

Julianne Moore, Still Alice

Reese Witherspoon, Wild

Rosamund Pike, Gone Girl

Just give her the award and get done with it. You really don’t want to mess with her.

Best actor

Steve Carell, Foxcatcher

Bradley Cooper, American Sniper

Benedict Cumberbatch, The Imitation Game

Eddie Redmayne, The Theory of Everything

Michael Keaton, Birdman

There is nothing like a great comeback!

Best adapted screenplay

American Sniper

The Imitation Game

Inherent Vice

The Theory of Everything


Whiplash was crazy mad fun. Already, said it above, it is the social network of films made on music. I am yet to watch Inherent Vice though.

Best original screenplay





The Grand Budapest Hotel

Again, a tough call between Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel. But, Wes got this one. It requires special talent to depict such sadness with such fascinating flair.

Best foreign language film

Ida (Poland)

Tangerines (Estonia)

Timbuktu (Mauritania)

Wild Tales (Argentina)

Leviathan (Russia)

A heartbreaking reminder of the fact that how difficult it is to be a common man, anywhere on earth. Have just watched Ida and Leviathan.

Best director

Wes Anderson, The Grand Budapest Hotel

Alejandro G Inarritu, Birdman

Bennett Miller, Foxcatcher

Morten Tyldum, The Imitation Game

Richard Linklater, Boyhood

He has always been too cool for school, but now it’s time academy recognizes one of the most ‘human’ directors living on the planet currently. There are very few filmmakers who understand us people and our relationships and our emotions, like the way Linklater does and the coolest thing is, he never makes it a big deal. Academy, please do not disappoint.

Best picture

American Sniper


The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Imitation Game


The Theory of Everything




I am almost certain that Birdman is going to win the best picture trophy and it is the only film in the list that I won’t mind beating Boyhood. But, my heart is with Boyhood. Because, this film made me show my real life on screen. Not just mine but everyone’s. Because, it embraced the fact that we all are flawed but how we all try to do our best. In words of Peter Bradshaw “there is hardly a better, or nobler thing a film can do than inspire love”. So, let me go, I don’t wanna be your hero, I don’t wanna be a big man, just wanna fight with everyone else.

Let me know of your favorites.


Songs we love to hate- 15 Guilty pleasure songs from Bollywood

Someone very wise once said to me “you should never be ashamed of what you listen to”, I asked him, “even when its bole chudiyaan, bole kangkana?”, he paused for a good five seconds and then said “ya, not even then.”  This post is about that. About coming out of the closet and saying it proudly, “yes, I love this song”. You are often judged based on the choices you make in art. Music, books, films, almost everything. There are many songs in your playlist that you would not want anyone to know about. Now, the thing with subjectivity is, what is guilty pleasure for you might be a classic for someone else. So, I decided to ask two of my friends to collaborate with me on this post. I asked  them to send me five songs each from Bollywood which they love but can’t tell the world about it.

What shall I do, something is happening

First up is Aishwarya. Now, Aishwarya is a singer herself and is the founder of a blog wholly and solely dedicated to A.R.Rahman. I really like her taste in music and knowing her and her unabashed honesty, I was sure she would never shy away from doing this. Here are her choices in her own words-

Not all of these songs are guilty pleasures but people look at me really funny when I tell them I love these tracks.

1. Golmaal title track

Vishal-Shekhar had a pretty crazy run in the mid 2000s. This song is still catchy as hell. THAT CHORUS.


2. Kiss me baby – Garam Masala

*Hides face* In my defense, I was in 9th standard when this movie released.


3. Mr. Lova Lova – Ishq

This was my jam when I was 7 or 8. Everyone looks so cute here. Those dance steps! I am watching the song after 17 years and it’s still fun.


4. O saki saki re/ Ishq Kabhi Kariyo Na – Musafir

Daaamn. Such great songs.


5. Zor ka jhatka – Action Replay 

I really enjoyed the movie. I will always love this song. LOOK AT AISHWARYA RAI THE QUEEN. The other 5 people in the song do not matter.

 (Other songs – Crazy Kya Re, Cash title track, Mama told me, Where’s the party tonight)

Now, my friend Shubhadeep is responsible for recommending some of the best music I have ever heard in my life. He introduced me to Mumford and Sons, Sigur Ros, GY!BE and many other awesome musicians. He knows the world but more importantly he understands my taste and rarely has he ever recommended anything that I haven’t carried on with myself. But, he is a snob. He has absolute zero tolerance towards mediocrity and takes a lot of pride in what he listens too. Me and him go a long way back with our fight about A.R.Rahman. I knew it would be really interesting to bring him on board and in a way help him. The moment I texted him about the idea, he replied back with this

indie scene

It took me sometime to convince him and here he is, brave like always. Brother, this post is my hug to you. In his own words-

6) Stop that- Gambler 

Easily the funniest Bollywood song ever. Yes, funnier than ‘Ek chatur naar’.  The lyricist was smoking something way cooler than what we smoke today. The lyrics is funny at the same time layered with hard hitting social commentary. This song alone deserves an exclusive blog post and a twitter handle.

Also, Govinda was the Seth Rogen of 90s. Hands down.

7)  Keh do tumhey- DJ Aquel/  Chod do anchal/ Kya surat hai- Bombay Vikings

Keh do tumhey- Next three songs are not exactly Bollywood but they mark a very important time in 90s kid’s life. Besides Kishore and sick beats, Russian blonde riding roller skates. How cool is that!

Chor do Anchal- Boy, did i love this song!  The era when MTV happened to me. Those were the days when M in MTV meant, you know what.

 Aaand Kya Surat Hain. Loved the video. The dude in the video reminds me of my friend Sayantan. #Sameguy.


8) Bachna ae Haseeno-Title track.

Love this absolutely for the idea of playing with the dynamics. Mixing the old with the new. You gotta love Vishal and Shekhar for this.

9) Dhoom ft. TATA YOUNG- Dhoom

Nuff’ said.


10) Paisa Paisa Karti hai- De dana dan

This is my ‘drunk and dance’ track.


Other songs- Channa  vey ghar aa ja beySajdey ki hai yehShut up and bounceTu hi toh meri dost hai


Ha! Those were some songs. Now, I don’t know whether Aishwarya and Shubhadeep still listen to these songs. However, the songs I am going to talk about, I still listen to them and I am not ashamed.

11) Bole Chudiyaan, Bole Kangkana- K3G

I gave this away in the beginning. This song in the film if you guys remember starts with Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’s waah waah raam ji, and then Hrithik turns toward Poo and says “Ab tum”. Just love the energy. The only difference between Yashraj and Dharma was that the latter had better songs in their films.


12) Kaho na pyaar hain- title track 

I would love to lip sync this song on my honeymoon. Also, no party is complete without doing these steps. Check out the video from 3:35 till 4:15, what crazy fun!


13) Dil hain tumhara- title track 

Have you ever had a sandwich in Ahmedabad? They put a bowl full of cheese on it and it tastes awesome. This song is like that sandwich.


14) Laung da Lashkara- Patiala house 

Super fun song though I always wondered what the title meant until I stumbled upon this gem.

laung da lashkara


15) Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram- KKHH

Please bring Jatin-Lalit back.


Tell us the songs you love to hear when no one’s watching.

2014, a year in films.

Happy new year friends. Personally, 2014 has been a great year though I don’t have enough photos on Facebook to prove that. Anyways, as far as films are concerned, I keep a track of all the films I watch through the Facebook’s movies application and it seems I watched around 90 films last year. In this blog post I mention some of the best films I watched.

Favorite Hindi films of the year. 

We had a disappointing year at the movies and I thought it will be tough for me to come up with a top 10 list but two late December releases saved my list. Here are my favorite Hindi films of 2014.

10. PK

9. Highway

8. Sulemaani Keeda

7. Dedh Ishqiya

6. Ankhon Dekhi

5. Katiyabaaz and Gulabi Gang

4. Ugly

3. Queen

2. The world before her

1. Haider

Favorite performances of the year- Kangkana Ranaut (Queen), Randeep Hooda (Highway), Girish Kulkarni (Ugly), Tabu (Haider) and Irfan Khan (Haider).

Favorite film music album- Haider (Vishal Bharadwaj)

Favorite song- Maahi Vey, Highway. Sigh.

Favorite regional films of the year- Fandry (Marathi) and Jigarthanda (Tamil). Honorable mention- Bangalore days (Malayalam).

Mumbai International Film Festival 

One of the happiest moments from last year was when I attended the 16th international Mumbai film festival. I wrote about it in detail here. Some of the films I really liked has not released in India yet or is available for viewing anywhere but they are so good that I won’t mind paying again and watching them in a theater. Here is the list

71, party girl, black coal thin ice, vessel, the attorney, Gett- The trial of Vivianne Amsalem, Amma and Appa, The search, Mommy, Court and Killa.

5 star films

These days everyone is a film reviewer (there is nothing wrong with that) and lost is the art of film criticism. I also often rate films just to look back and see how it made me feel when I watched it. When do you give a film 5 stars? I haven’t really put much thought into that but for me its usually when the film is <insert every possible adjective> and when it has moved me in a way I haven’t been before. Here are some of the films (few which released before 2014) I gave full 5 stars in 2014.

Short term 12

The Lego Movie

Life Itself

Fire in the blood

Call me kutchu




Film of the year. 

When you can chose just one film. Which one it will be? For me it was a tough fight between killa, interstellar and boyhood and  personally I felt all the three films were very similar. But, if I had to chose just one, I think I will go with Boyhood. 

Lists are always personal and its possible you may not agree with mine, I would love to know all your favorite films from 2014.



From court to the fort, the films I watched at the Mumbai film festival

October 14th- 21st, what an absolutely brilliant week it has been. Juggling between work and classes, travelling nearly 40 kms daily to watch some of the finest films from the world. My real exposure to good cinema started with twitter, when I started following passionate film buffs who made me feel like I had watched nothing. Every year since 2011 my twitter timeline used to go berserk for a week during this particular film festival and I used to feel very jealous. Some of best films in the last couple of years like Ship of Theseus, Katiyabaaz etc. were discovered here at MAMI and we all know how well they have done for themselves by getting a nationwide release and everything. So, when I moved to Mumbai, attending the Mumbai film festival topped my charts for ‘the things I would like to do in Mumbai’. But, like all good films the path was not so easy, there was a big, ugly twist. The fest was almost cancelled and I was heartbroken, just for a day or two because by then few people (read saints) had started a sort of a mini-online movement to #SaveMAMI and thank God it was saved, by people. People who donated (few of them even when they knew they weren’t going to attend), film buffs, journalists, big producers, actors, everyone chipped in and they saved this brilliant, beautiful festival. The story of this festival is similar in ways of the films it featured and if someone was documenting it all along, we might see a film on MAMI 2014 in the real reel section next year.

My first year at MAMI, I wanted to watch it all but like Mommy’s aspect ratio, life is only half as good as we want it to be. So, I caught a total of 16 films which I think was not bad given my busy schedule and 16 is a pretty apt number for the 16th Mumbai film festival. In this post I will briefly share my thoughts on every film I watched and the films which I absolutely loved.

Playing with fire

This has to be the weakest film I have watched at the fest, the documentary from Greece on the women from Afghanistan working in theatre , sadly is not a very good film. You just can’t make documentary by assembling some interviews. The film does come to life when Leena Alam and Tehera comes on screen but it’s too late and 90 minutes seems way too long. These brave young women deserved a far better film.


The opening film at MAMI’ 14, Serena surely has its moments, fine performances and beautiful cinematography but in totality ummm.. pretty loose in between for some 45 mins. Can’t help but compare it to the brilliant revolutionary road. It was a pretty normal start to MAMI but then the opening film at Cannes was Grace of Monaco.


Starts on a superb note and is absolutely brilliant in parts, but everything doesn’t work here. Its good when it could have been really great.

She’s lost control

Really liked this taut, gripping american indie, which never really goes of track. It is nicely directed and you instantly know how the director has a great eye for troubled souls. This film never loses control but now it has been almost a week since I watched the film and it really didn’t stick.


Based on a true story about a group of gay activists fighting for the rights of miners in UK during their strike in 1984, pride is a manipulative but an extremely well made and a sure footed film which knows what it is doing. In this process, it makes you laugh, it makes you cry and it makes you root for the cause, that is acknowledging the right to live a life free from prejudice and a life with pride. But, sometimes the film goes full throttle in its manipulation to get an applause or a tear out of you and that is when you feel the film could have a little more subtle.



This was the last film I watched at the festival on 21st and before that 71 played a couple of times and people were already calling it a great edge of the seat thriller and that is where I guess I made a mistake, getting my hopes too high. The film is genuinely very good with some really clever and shocking plot twists and a palpating nervous energy that runs through out the film but the constant expectation of watching something great is where I guess I felt a little let down.

Party girl

Requires some patience on your part but if you are willing to give that then party girl is an extremely rewarding film about an aging nightclub hostess who decides to get married to a longtime customer. There is some fantastic writing at display here as the film tries to answer or rather just ask some of the most of difficult questions we all have already faced or will have to face at some point in our lives.  Angelique Litzenburger owns her part and makes us feel for her. She has given a truly memorable performance which has stayed with me, the film deserves to be seen for her superb performance alone.

Black coal, thin ice

How brilliantly this film starts, mixing the elements of thriller and humor in the right amounts. I started to feel that we might have got a new Memories of murder, but black coal, thin ice decides to be its own film and how. Using thriller and a series of murder as a backdrop, the film so beautifully explores the personal journeys of its main characters. It might feel a little indulgent when the film meanders from its routine thriller path but in return it gives us a film which rides on its terrific mood and atmosphere. It is one of those films which leaves you with an aftertaste, which stays with you long after you have finished the film. I didn’t came out of the theater all that impressed but in the last four days, the film has really grown on me.

black coal thin iceVessel

A brilliant film about the group ‘Women on Waves’, who provide abortions to women at sea from countries where its illegal. How we often use morality to trivialize the basic human rights. People like Rebecca Gomperts make this planet a better place.

The attorney

What an absolute crowd pleaser, the attorney. Loved it! Song Kang Ho literally hits it out of the park. Whattay performance!! This South Korean film is amusingly relevant to India and the time we are living in. It is that kind of a film which will have a high rating on both imdb and rotten tomatoes and I am sure when we talk the best courtroom dramas made across the world, somewhere down the line we will also talk about the attorney.

Gett- The trial of Vivianne Amsalem 

Some of the best films in MAMI this year has been courtroom dramas, one was the attorney, now Gett and there will one more brilliant film that I will be talking about later. Gett is the kind of hidden gem that you want to discover at a fest, I didn’t discover it. Rather, I watched it because it got really positive reactions from its earlier shows and it doesn’t disappoint. This explosive drama has a magnificent performance at its core by the absolutely awesome Dalia Beger. Gett, which means divorce in Hebrew delivers a strong message on woman rights and the best part is that it is never too obvious about it, thanks to the understated approach of film making used. It puts out in open the hypocrisy and the prejudices in a society which is otherwise considered to be a modern state, and how many films can achieve that?

Amma and Appa

Franziska Schonenberger and Jayakrishnan Subramanian love each other but there is a problem. So, what do they do? They make a film! A film about their love and their attempt to unite their parents and what a beautiful, funny and heartfelt film it has turned out to be. You just can’t stop yourself from loving these beautiful people on screen and you wish the film never ends. Some of the most universal stories are often the most personal. Loved every bit of it. Had to choose between leaving this film early or miss killa on the first day, just couldn’t leave watching this film.

Amma and Appa

The search 

Michel Hazanavicius‘s follow up to the artist is one of my top favorites from the fest. Michel sets his new film in war-torn Chechnya, telling us 3 different tales but the soul of the film is the relationship  between Carole and Hadji played by the brilliant Berenice Bejo and the adorable Abdul Khalim Mamutsiev. Abdul has very little dialogue in the film and often emotes with his eyes and every time he is on screen, you will find your own eyes swelling up. You have a heart of stone if you don’t cry to that one beautiful scene when Hadji speaks to Carole for the first time. The film strangely reminded me of our very own Haider, as both the films broadly talks about similar issues but the search here also has that one point of view of a young soldier, which provides the film with some of its most visceral moments. 


Xavier Dolan is one such director of our times who will simultaneously grow with us and we will all witness the making of a genius. Mommy is my most favorite international film from the fest. It is everything we expected it to be. Unapologetically funny, with an amazing emotional depth and heartbreaking, mommy successfully breaks many established rules and we see Dolan making a strong point that auteurs don’t follow norms, they create them. The leading cast of Anne Dorval, Antoine Oliver Pillon and Suzzane Clement come together to create this powerful ensemble which has given us one of the best performed films of the year. Also, I would like to briefly talk about the coolest breaking the 4th wall shot ever. I bet you will feel like standing up and clapping to that one epic shot. Has anyone ever used the screen size like Xavier Dolan in Mommy? Its as if through its sizes, Xavier is trying to tell us how our life will only be half as good as we want it to be.


Chaitanya Tamhane’s court, which won Lion of the Future Award for the best first feature and the best film in the Orizzonti section at Venice this year, for me was about the many Indias within India and how oblivious is one of the others. Really can’t talk about anything from the film without spoiling it, every scene is so well thought out and demands for a discussion on it. This is easily one of the best films and my 2nd most favorite film from the fest this year. This is the 3rd courtroom drama I was talking about earlier and what an accomplishment of a film it has turned out to be. Some great performances by its mostly ‘non-actors’ cast, superlative writing and some fine direction has given us a great film which very well might be our best bet at the academy awards next year, if again we don’t mess up.

KillaWhile court can win us an Oscar, it is Killa that has won hearts here at MAMI this year.My most favorite film at the fest, killa is a heart-warming tale about a group of kids in their adolescence. It is funny, sad, sometimes philosophical and totally takes you along with it on this beautiful journey along the coasts of Konkan Maharashtra. Avinash Arun, the director of this film is an FTII cinematography graduate and it is evident in every shot, every frame. The child actors in this film are just phenomenal and I sincerely hope that it releases soon so that I can watch it again and be transported to this totally nostalgic, beautiful world.

We seize the moment or the moment seizes us?

It starts with coldplay’s yellow and ends with family of the year’s hero and in between these two songs, boyhood tells us our own story of growing up. 

It was the year 2006, when I first left home for college. I was just 17. I was going to Jalandhar, nearly 2000 km away from my home in Guwahati. My father had come with me. I still remember the room I had been allotted. Room no. 306 in hostel no. 6. A single room and I was elated. Strange how you sometimes discover independence by closing yourself in a room. I remember me and my father cleaning the room together, sweeping and wiping the floor. He made it sure that I get all the necessary stuffs for my room. It was now time for him to return and this is when I saw it, tears trickling down his cheek. He was crying and I on the other hand was extremely happy for my new found independence. The image of him controlling his tears and wiping them off his face so that his son doesn’t see them had stuck with me. Fixed and was stored somewhere in the back of my mind. Boyhood brought back the memories of that day and soon before I could even realize, I found myself crying.  


Boyhood is a film about an American boy, which Richard Linklater decided to make nearly 12 years ago without a concrete script, but with the same cast shooting for a few weeks every year, modifying the story along the way. So how is it my story? or yours? We don’t go to prom nights. I never played a Nintendo or listened to an i-pod. I grew up listening to songs sung by Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik for heaven’s sake. “Kuch kuch hota hain Anjali tum nahi samjhogi.”. But yes, I did grow up, we all did and we will never stop and that is what boyhood is about. Yes, on the exterior it is an American story with classic references to almost everything important that happened in the last decade. But, at the core it is an universal story about all of us. About love, about life. As simple as it may sound but it is about life being short. We literally see the same bunch of characters growing old and you forget that you are watching a film. With every scene, with every year the film just makes you lapse time and in the end you just realize that time always wins. Like, when a character in the film asks, “we need to seize the moment or the moment seizes us?” 

Boyhood, I am sure will mean different things to different people. Parents will see it differently, children will see it differently. But one thing that I am extremely sure of is that It will transport you to a place you haven’t visited in a long long time and make you wish that “you had more”. 

Breaking Bad With 28 Snapshots

Breaking Bad. Arguably, the best TV show ever made. The thing I liked the most about this show was that it never shied away from taking tough decisions.  Also, this show teaches us so much about keeping up with the morality in the toughest of times.Who is your most favorite character from the show? Mine I guess is a tough fight between Jesse Pinkman and Saul Goodman, though Saul is superb and great fun and I have a full new show to enjoy and watch later, my choice would be Jesse, the only reason being, hope. It’s his constant fight to be good is what I loved and related to. Aren’t we all like him, trying to be good. 

While I was watching the show, I developed this strange habit of saving the snap shots of some of the funniest, most epic one liners. This post basically contains those snapshots.I hope you guys enjoy, for those who haven’t watched the show yet, the photos might prove to be mild spoilers and for those who have, try to figure out if you remember the lines. 

1) Drum roll, please.


2) Keeping it secular. secular honey3) When someone doesn’t like a dish you love. 


4) No one.


5) Respect you must. 


6) When someone asks a lot of questions. 


7) Kafkaesque 


8) Can’t agree more. 


9) A world without Coca-Cola. 


10) Truth in advertising is dead. 


11) Immune to good advice. 

bb3412) All you need is a gun to act. 


13) Epic fail. 


14) When someone won’t shut up!


15) One more time.


16) K? 


17) Nothing at all. 

bb2818) When someone is so boring that…


19) When someone asks you a silly question. 


20) Keep on keeping on. 


21) Buttering the wrong bread. 


22) We have got a bigger fish to fry. 


23) Lose them please. 


24) Much appreciate. 


25) Being Human. 


26) And when you thought Salman Khan is Devil? 


27) We are done when I say we are done. 


28) And finally, when you win.